Learn B2B SaaS Leaders’ Greatest Year-1 Customer Journey Friction Points — and How to Address Them

Carema Consulting and AirDeck surveyed B2B SaaS leaders to understand their greatest year-one customer journey challenges. 

Download your copy of the full report to get complete insights into these challenges and how you can use this information to benchmark your customer success organization against other leaders’ customer success teams.


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What You’ll Learn in the Report

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What SaaS leaders reported as their most challenging year-one customer interactions

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How leaders rate their customer success organizations' competence with the customer journey

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How successful companies are identifying and delivering on key customer interaction moments

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How the use of a customer success platform has impacted the year-one customer experience

We’re Your Year-One Customer Journey Experts

Carema Consulting partners with B2B SaaS leaders to provide product marketing and customer success strategies that drive revenue growth. With more than 30 years of experience in building high-performing teams in these disciplines, our expert consultants know firsthand how to help scaling organizations navigate this crucial time in the journey of each new customer. Download the full report now to get deeper insights.

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Download the report from Carema Consulting and AirDeck today. Armed with this data, your organization can learn what’s preventing SaaS companies from maximizing the results of the first year in a new customer relationship and make decisions to enhance your customer success strategy.